Message from the Dean

Dean of Engineering, KAWATA Yoshimasa Dean of Engineering,
KAWATA Yoshimasa

At Shizuoka University’s Faculty of Engineering it is our goal to better society by training students with both basic and practical skills; performing research which is impactful both locally and globally; and contributing to local communities and industries. In order to achieve these goals, our faculty was reorganized in 2013. In addition to the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, which have accomplished great things over the years, three new departments were created: The Department of Electronics and Materials Science, where students learn about electrical and energy-related materials; the Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering, where students learn about the environment and bio-engineering; and the Department of Mathematical and Systems Engineering, where students learn how to craft systems which are friendly to people and the environment. In March 2017, we sent out into the world our first graduating class since our faculty’s reorganization.

Our graduate school has also seen reorganization, with the integration of four science-related graduate schools (engineering, informatics, agriculture, and science) resulting in the creation of the Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology (master program) in 2015. By doing so, we hoped to train students who can think globally and innovatively, beyond the narrow confines of their field of expertise, in order to take on the complex, transdisciplinary issues of today. March 2017 also saw the first graduating class from the Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology.

The world is changing around us, and the times call for greater diversity and adaptability. Flexible ideas and thinking outside the proverbial box; communication skills for a more diverse society; and creativity which expresses one’s individuality are in greater demand than ever before. To adapt to this world, our faculty aims to instill in our students a rich education and greater sensitivity as well as broader international perspectives. This foundation of education will allow them to take agency as they adapt to a diverse society and perform as technical experts in creating highly original science and technology.

Western Shizuoka, where our faculty is located, has produced entrepreneurs such as Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki, who have taken on new challenges with the philosophy of “Yaramaika (let’s give it a try)”. This region is a leader of the automotive industry and of Japanese industry in general. The researchers and technical experts who have graduated from our faculty and graduate school have taken central roles in those industries.

Our goal remains the development of an educational program which focuses on practical studies (academics needed in the real world) with manufacturing at its core. We will train researchers and technical experts who can contribute on the global stage and bring innovation to many industrial sectors. We ask for your support in our goal of making Shizuoka University the home of engineering studies.

Dean of Engineering, KAWATA Yoshimasa