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Next Generation Mobility Engineering (SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION)

We carry out various elemental technology researches on automobiles. This educational program began in 2003 and each research period is 3 years as a target. Automobiles are made up by diverse technical fields such as mechanical, material and electronic, therefore students can absorb extensive knowledge of engineering.

Research Subject

We are conducting research related to traction systems for electric vehicles. In addition to conventional research on improving performance of motors for electric vehicles, we will also conduct research related to specifications and control on battery from 2023. The concrete themes are
  • Research on magnet temperature estimation of traction motor;
  • Improvement of speed and accuracy for analyzing characteristics of traction motor;
  • Construction of simulation environment of traction system for electric vehicle;
  • Verification of battery specification required in V2H or V2G;
  • Estimation of CO2 reduction, environmental effect, and cost; etc.
EVs are expected to have high running performance and quiet performance utilizing a motor. We are trying to understand the characteristics of motor and improve the performance with the control system.
We aim to improve the accuracy of the electromagnetic field analysis by means of comparing motor characteristics obtained by the analysis and by measurement of the actual motor driven.
Ryuichi Miyano
Official position Specially appointed associate professor
Affiliation Endowed Laboratory
Specialized field
  • Automotive engineering
  • Traction system for electric vehicle
  • Control
Research subject I am conducting research on a traction system and its control that are technologies necessary for popularizing electric vehicles. I will especially research on battery issues such as properly controlling batteries; ensuring their safety and reliability; and maximizing their performance. I will also work on themes to promote the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) of batteries used in automobiles.
Masakazu Adachi
Official position Specially appointed assistant professor
Affiliation Endowed Laboratory
Specialized field
  • Automotive engineering
  • Next generation mobility engineering
Research subject I am working on energy management and the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) in the electrification of automobiles in order to achieve carbon neutrality.
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