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Shizuoka University has two campuses. One is located in Shizuoka City and the other in Hamamatsu City. Those located on the Hamamatsu Campus are the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Information, the Graduate School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Information, the Graduate School of Science and Technology, and the Research Institute of Electronics. Students in the Faculty of Engineering spend their four-year term on Hamamatsu Campus, learning basic and specialized subjects, as well as carrying out their own graduate research projects.

Location and transportation from airports

Shizuoka map
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Aaccess map
Transportation from airports
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Trasportation from Hamamatsu station

Board any bus from Bus Stop No. 15 or 16, North Exit Bus Terminal, JR Tokai Hamamatsu Station. Get off at Shizuoka Daigaku Bus Stop. (approx. 20 min., approx. 10 departures/hour)

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city map
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Campus map

Campus map
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About Hamamatsu city

Hamamatsu is famous as an industrial city, especially for motorcycles and musical instruments. It is the home of many world-famous companies such as SUZUKI, HONDA, YAMAHA, KAWAI Piano and HAMAMATSU Photonic.

As Hamamatsu is close to Nagoya and located midway between Tokyo and Osaka, all of the three major metropolitan areas are readily accessible.

The population is approximately 820,000, including 1,045 Vietnamese, 643 Indonesian and 195 Thai (as of 2012).

The climate is relatively mild throughout the year. In winter, it is not so cold that snow seldom falls except for mountain districts. However, it is often windy because of the seasonal north-west wind. A rainy season occurs from June to early July. In summer, we have hot and humid weather. Sometimes the temperature exceeds 35 °C.

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