Students from Abroad

Students from Abroad

As of May 2012, there were 303 foreign students from 26 different countries studying at Shizuoka University, and 81 students from seven countries enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering. Foreign students are fully integrated, both socially and academically, with fellow Japanese students, and make lots of friends among Japanese and other international students. There are also a number of international exchange groups on campus that are organized and run by the students themselves. International students have ample opportunity to interact with and exchange ideas with Japanese students through parties, sporting events, panel discussions, and casual conversation. Information of Housing, scholarships, etc is available from Shizuoka University International Center (SUIC) web site .

Housing (SUIC website)

Scholarships (SUIC website)

Shizuoka University Asia Bridge Program (ABP-SU website)

Students Support

Academic Advisor:

An academic advisor will offer guidance and advice regarding international students’ studies, research and private matters.

International Student Advisors:

International Student Advisors will (1) provide basic and supplementary classes for overseas students at the faculty, (2) provide guidance and advice in education and research (study techniques, reference materials search, etc.), and (3) plan and provide opportunities for work experience in factories, institutes, etc.

Personal Tutor:

Shizuoka University has a tutor system designed to assist international students to adjust themselves to a new university life, as well as to encourage study and research. A tutor assigned to an overseas student will give advice and assistance in Japanese language matters, general studies, and daily life.

Japanese Volunteer Students:

Shizuoka University International Center organizes Japanese Volunteer Students to further help International Students learn Japanese language and culture.