Shizuoka University NIFEE Program

Important notice from ABP-SU:
The acceptance of new students by this NIFEE program closed in 2014.
From 2015, the autumn entrance for students interested in the Faculty of Engineering is going to open through the Asia Bridge Program – Shizuoka University (ABP-SU), which is being developed and incorporated into all faculties.
Posted on Dec. 19, 2014

Aim of NIFEE Program

The Faculty of Engineering prepared a special education program for foreign students who wish to learn technology along with knowledge of Japanese language, culture, and the tradition. The faculty will also prepare classes in which students learn Japanese manufacturing systems including quality control and production management. Students will acquire skills of Japanese engineering essentials so that they can contribute to the development of industries in their home countries. The program will also help to promote friendship between their home countries and Japan.

Features of the Program

  • The Program was limited to students in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.
  • Entrance examination was held at Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, and Bangkok in March.
  • Examination fee, Admission fee, and entrance fee were exempted.
  • Tuition fee was exempted (full/half).
  • The scores of EJU and English test were used for screening.
  • Score of JLPT was used instead of Japanese Language in EJU.
  • Alternative Achievement Tests were prepared for those who do not meet EJU and/or JLPT, English scores.
  • The enrollment date was the 1st of October.
  • Intensive lectures of Japanese in the 1st semester.
  • In a first semester, basic classes were instructed in easy Japanese.
  • From second semester, engineering classes were instructed in Japanese.
  • Career advising program in cooperation with Japanese manufactures.

Program Overview

Program Overview

This program was aimed for students from Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. The first semester was an intensive 10-period courses of Japanese language along with basic physics, mathematics, and chemistry. During that time, the lecture was done in easy Japanese.

On the next semester, the students proceeded to the department according to their interest, and study along with Japanese students using Japanese Language.

We also prepared courses such as Japanese culture, and Japan’s Industrial History. In the last semester of the fourth year, students concentrated on their own research, which led them to the title of “Bachelor of Engineering” and graduate from Shizuoka University.

NIFEE students

Batch of Student Number of Students National Origins Gender
1 3 Viet Nam (3) Male (2)
Female (1)
2 10 Viet Nam (8)
Indonesia (2)
Male (6)
Female (4)
3 7 Viet Nam (7) Male (3)
Female (4)
4 7 Viet Nam (6)
Indonesia (1)
Male (2)
Female (5)
5 3 Viet Nam (2)
Indonesia (1)
Male (0)
Female (3)
6 4 Viet Nam (2)
Indonesia (1)
Thailand (1)
Male (2)
Female (2)

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